pics around the house, 2002
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the continuing saga of life on the homefront:

zeke is fond of destroying furniture
still life with cat.

digital audio recording

the new OLP 5-string bass

ok, so this isnt technically at home, but while we were on the subject of computers and stuff - here's the office w/ 2 of cindy's photos from arizona

detail of the 2 prints
Okay, while we're at it, here's one of me in work mode
- note the elegant drapes and 1960's trim in the kitchen.

"if you don't stop taking pics of me, why I'll....!"
some days this is about all I see of cindy
(her office is upstairs, of course)

yeah, we still don't have any kids to take pictures of
pots in new bookshelf (target chic)

cook? who has time to cook?