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march 2008

february 2008

january 2008

april 2007

july 2006

jan 2006

more soda!

dec 2005


sept 2005

~~~~~ we make stuff ~~~~~

march 2005

don't fall apart quite yet

january 2005

where does this gate lead?

august 2004

old pots are better than new pots

july 2004

so, we were actually there

june 2004

sometimes glaze does exactly what you want it to

april 2004

my palette includes every color ever known

november 2003

clary illian makes very nice pots

september 2003

my wife is an excellent photographer

july 2003

family pic - branson
the whole gang

june 2003

mar 2003

here's to dads

feb 2003

"where will you go, when this day is over?"

sept 2002

maybe it should be now.

august 2002

i'm completely serious.

july 2002

we're spending the summer on the porch.

june 2002

tear it all down and bring it up again.