the whole sad story | the whole sad story

'Night rolled across the dusty plains like death on a pale horse. Lou glanced up from his tasks by the fire and thought to himself, "Goddammnit, it's time I reformed the band."

Seven years after a breakup that saw bankruptcy, two evictions, petty theft, gastrointestinal disorders and a series of bizarre incidents with chickens, the dusky crew is back... reattaining the heights of their former mastery at all things audible. The negentropic audio label is proud to reintroduce them to the english-speaking world with their recent release, snappioso - the concept album, not available in stores.

Formerly recording under the auspices of frostbite falls, pistol pete, fatback sandwich, selfish rational bastard, and harry, i've come to fix the plumbing, the members of lou shoes + sweaters range in expertise from harpsichordist roadie to professional fruit picker. Indeed, hard as it is to believe, this music thing ain't their dayjobs. (It's downright astonishing what the human psyche can eek out over a series of bleary-eyed weekends and federal holidays.)

Their studied influences range from the proverbial schoolyard beatings to the French Constitution, scale model replicas of dog track stadia, and mom's potato chip casserole. Current tatoos include a purple strawberry, a portrait of Zaphod Beeblebrox, three charging rhinos, and the letter 'B'.*

* A fondness for large engine-block farm equipment and should be noted.'

     ~ Bob Snorkle's Severe Audio Review, Sept. 2003


lou shoes + sweaters claim no qualifications for anything that they do.
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